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Are you looking to boost your overall energy and vitality? At Wholesome Wellness, we offer intravenous (IV) nutritional therapy to help your body perform at optimal function. With a large number of choices to choose from, our customized IV blends include a mix of nutrients that might help to boost your skin radiance, aid in weight loss, lower stress levels, help with constant fatigue, and strengthen your body's immune system. Board-certified family nurse practitioner Dr. Amanda Yarbrough will help you determine which kind of IV therapy is ideal for you. If you would like to learn more information regarding the advantages of IV therapy, get in touch with our practice in Valparaiso, IN to schedule a consultation.

At Wholesome Wellness, we supply several different IV combinations that can be adjusted to your unique desires. During your initial appointment, Dr. Amanda will assess whether you would be a suitable candidate for this treatment depending on your concerns and medical history. There many benefits attributed to intravenous therapy, such as:

  • Elevated metabolism
  • Clearer, brighter complexion
  • Healing of inflammation
  • Better stamina and mood
  • Better functioning immune system
  • Better REM cycles
  • Smoother recovery from workouts

First, we will perform blood work, which is required within seven days prior to an IV therapy session. This will help us determine any underlying conditions and decide which nutrients work best for your concerns. Next, we'll safely administer the IV formula in one of our designated treatment rooms. The treatment area will be cleaned, and the IV will be attached. You are welcome to rest or even fall asleep for the duration of the treatment, which typically lasts about an hour. The IV administers the nutrients using a steady drip into the body. After it's finished, we'll place a small bandage on the site of insertion, and you'll be free to go home from our Valparaiso, IN office with no downtime expected.


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With IV infusion treatment, you may experience relief from a variety of concerning issues and feel your best. At Wholesome Wellness, we are pleased to administer this customized option for individuals who have an abundance of needs and symptoms. Call our Valparaiso, IN practice to find out more about IV therapy or to arrange an appointment with board-certified family nurse practitioner Dr. Yarbrough.

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How much will IV therapy cost?

Your IV treatment pricing might differ according to the blend chosen and your individual objectives and if you want to address overall wellness, after-workout recovery, skin rejuvenation, an anti-inflammatory treatment, or a different issue. When you have your consultation, the total cost will be included in your customized treatment outline.

Why is IV therapy better for my health and wellness than pills or drinking liquids?
Does IV therapy have any risks?

When administered by a qualified medical professional, IV treatment is a low-risk, effective technique to provide vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Our practice utilizes thorough sterilization measures to safeguard against the risk of infection. It's normal to feel slight soreness from the needle and after-treatment bruising or inflammation, although these effects usually resolve within a few days.

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