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Primary care services focus on helping you stay healthy through the prevention, diagnosis, management, and treatment of common medical illnesses. At Wholesome Wellness, we are proud to offer primary care services for men and women of all ages. Board-certified family nurse practitioner Dr. Amanda Schulte believes that it's important to develop trusting relationships with each of her patients so she can get to know them on a deeper level and deliver the best care possible. Her goal is to provide you with a safe place to go in Valparaiso, IN for any health-related needs, concerns, or questions. To set up an appointment with our primary care provider, Dr. Schulte, call our office today.

Primary care is where healthcare begins for most people, and it plays a vital role in managing individual and community health. Primary care providers like Dr. Schulte are often patients' first point of contact, making them pivotal in preventing and managing health conditions. One significant aspect is primary care’s role in preventative care. Primary care physicians conduct regular health screenings and offer lifestyle counseling to reduce the likelihood of developing severe health conditions like heart disease or diabetes. Additionally, primary care providers help patients understand and control their conditions by offering guidance on medication, diet, and other lifestyle choices.

Furthermore, if a patient needs to see a specialist or undergo a complex medical procedure, their primary care provider is often the orchestrator, ensuring seamless communication and continuity of care. In terms of cost, primary care is beneficial, too. Regular visits to Wholesome Wellness in Valparaison can help identify health issues early before they become severe and require more expensive treatments. Finally, the value of primary care extends beyond just physical health. Primary physicians also help manage mental health conditions, making them an integral part of a holistic healthcare approach.

Primary care services performed at Wholesome Wellness in Valparaiso, IN help provide a fantastic rapport between patient and doctor, management of many ailments and conditions, and a picture of overall wellness at any age. Benefits of primary care include:

  • Having a go-to doctor who can help you with many concerns
  • A trusted provider to build a connection with
  • Holistic care
  • Management of chronic and acute conditions
  • Regular tests and lab work, if needed
  • Early detection of diseases or conditions
  • Reduced need for expensive specialist care

Anyone is a candidate for primary care services at Wholesome Wellness. While you may have specialists and other doctors you see, Dr. Schulte believes in a whole-body, holistic approach that treats the person, not just the symptoms or conditions. Because of this approach, she can help you achieve a new level of overall wellness while still taking your unique needs into account. Furthermore, having a primary care physician like Dr. Schulte helps you build a rapport with a practitioner who knows your overall concerns. Primary care services also help save money versus seeing specialists alone.

The aim of primary care is to help you stay healthy with annual wellness exams, physicals, and immunizations, as well as provide medicine for when you become ill. Dr. Schulte seeks to develop a strong, supportive patient-provider relationship with you that will help you feel comfortable and make it easier for you to communicate with her about your medical history and any current concerns you may have. She believes in taking a holistic approach so she considers the whole person instead of just the symptoms. During your appointment, she may recommend certain lab work to diagnose the cause of any troubling symptoms so she can offer the proper treatment.

Please if you are looking for a new primary care physician call Wholesome Wellness ! I was listened to for once in my adulthood about issues I have delt with for 10+ years. She takes time and wants to solve the root of your medical necessity, not just give you a blanket fix. I switched the whole family there. Dr. Amanda has wonderful bedside manner, a friendly demeanor and a beautiful office.

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I switched my family to Wholesome Wellness for primary care and I couldn't be happier. She is so amazing! Talk about doctors on demand , Amanda is there for you just about 24/7. With a fantastic bed side mannor. Finally I have a medical professional that wants to get too the root of the problem an not just put a temporary fix on everything Top notch!

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If you are looking for a new primary care physician or would like to enhance the quality of your life, consider reaching out to Dr. Amanda Schulte in Valparaiso, IN. Whether you're in your mid-20s, 40s, or older, it's essential to receive primary care to ensure that your health needs are being met. Call Wholesome Wellness now to schedule an appointment.

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Why do I need a primary care physician?
Every person should have a primary care doctor because they can help you manage your overall health in the best way. While other practitioners may have specialty expertise, they will not be as aware of your comprehensive health history, goals, and conditions as a PCP.
I think my condition will need to be addressed by a specialist. Why should I see a PCP?

Primary care services performed at Wholesome Wellness may be able to offer a more holistic perspective, saving you money and time in the long run. Additionally, Dr. Schulte may be able to suggest certain trusted specialists that other sources alone don’t have knowledge of.

Do I really need to know my family’s entire medical history before my first primary care appointment?
It helps to know as much as possible, at least going back a couple of generations. Family medical history gives us an important baseline to see what you might be at risk for based on genetics. If you don’t know all that much about your family’s medical history, don’t fret. We will still be thrilled to have you as a patient at our Valparaiso, IN facility.
What is the difference between primary care and specialist care?

Primary care is general healthcare provided by a doctor, like Dr. Schulte, who monitors overall health and diagnoses and treats various conditions. Specialist care is more focused and pertains to a specific field of medicine, such as cardiology or dermatology.

How can Wholesome Wellness help manage chronic conditions with primary care services?

Primary care physicians play a vital role in managing chronic conditions by providing regular check-ups, monitoring the progression of diseases, managing medications, offering lifestyle counseling, and coordinating care with specialists.

What ages can primary care providers treat?

Most primary care providers treat a wide age range, from infants to elderly patients. Family practitioners like Dr. Schulte are trained to care for patients of all ages.

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